This is a Descriptive Writing Essay based on an experience that I went through, Belmont Park.

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The last time I went to Belmont Park, I had a blast. It was a cold Saturday night. On my way to get my All “Day” Pass, I see different faces passing by. As I’m still walking, I reach into my back pocket and pull out my worn out, leather wallet. Hoping I didn’t spend my last dollar on three scoops of ice cream, I pull out a fresh, crisp, brand new twenty dollar bill. You know the bills that look and smell like they’ve just been made. I reached out my other hand to my little brother, and said “Come on David!” He smacks his small, gooey hand into mine as if I were saving him.

We start skipping to the ticket booth. I hear a faint voice saying, “Watch out!” And then, I look down at this big curb in front of us and I know I cant jump over it with David in my hand.

So I quick, let go of his hand and leap over the curb like a pro-athlete track runner. The cold wind must have slapped me in the face, because suddenly I felt cold. As if my mom ripped the blankets off of me in the morning, telling me to get up. I look behind myself, and see that some how David the magician avoided the curb, and was standing on the side, waiting. “Here’s your twunny” I hear him say. All was good, and we headed towards the ticket booth, again.

We step forward, and I could feel the heat from the booth, the same heat from when you leave your car outside a sunny day for hours. I guess it was a heater, it felt good and that is all I know. And I was not about to ask...