Design For Manufacture (DFM) Water Tank Cooler For The Middel East

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Temperatures in the Middle East during the summer season can rise up to 50°c, which causes one of the most known problems which is getting hot instead of cold water when ever you want to use it.


The product designed job is to cool the water in tanks of different sizes (small which capacity is approximately 12 meter3 of water) and (big which capacity is 60 meter3 of water), has to be light in weight (8Kg approximately) while being sufficiently effective in performing the task its design for initially. The materials which the product is made of should stand the intensive use and the weather conditions in the Middle East. Precision, texture, appearance, and colour are not a very important factor but it is desired because the products are to be used at homes. The product should be moderately light in weight and should be easily operated by the ordinary user.

The product should be easy to use, without complicated operational procedures, and safety is an important issue. Being in the Middle East environment issues should be considered as high humidity may corrode internal parts and mechanisms, good protection and good selection of materials is really important. All pieces are recommended to be of standard sizes and shapes as to facilitate the maintenance technicians to change and maintain the parts if required. Tests should be made to ensure that the product would last at least 7 years if maintained properly. These are the main objectives of the entire design, and it?s very important that qualit, reliability, and cost are taken into account and that the product should be inexpensive but has high quality and good performance.

The basic idea behind a water cooler is very simple: It uses the evaporation of a liquid to absorb heat. The liquid,