Destructive Science

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Destructive Science

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5 November 2012

Nolan McConnell


Destructive Science

What would happen to society if there was no technology in our world? How would we live day by day? The leading contribution to how our planet develops is the use of technology. In contrary, technology is the reason our planet is slowly crumbling away. Science and technology have strongly impacted the path we have taken in order to improve our lives. They have given us certain techniques and ideas that result in the way we live our daily lives. Since the beginning of technology, we have provided ourselves with a bundle of advancements, giving us the opportunity to improve our daily lives. Advances have contributed to many inventions that helped human beings live life easier and better. However, these advancements have given humans the ability to play the "power of god."

The power of science is slowly corrupting our daily lives and contributing the destruction of our planet.

At the start of civilization, when our planet came to be, the humans fought every day trying to survive. Men and women would die from health, animals, and war. There was a constant struggle to stay alive. On the other hand, scientific advancements have cured the struggle of survival. Now a days human being struggle consists of buying a new type of cord or fixing a virus. The thought of actually trying to survive never comes across us anymore. And we can thank technological advancements for this. On the contrary, I believe we are close to taking these advancements too far. We have given science the chance to flourish but the flourishing could easily lead to our own destruction.

Millions of different species have been discovered from technology through science.