Deterring Abortion

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Opinion polls on the abortion issue sometimes reveal bad moral confusion among many Americans, such as the people who tell that abortion is murder, but that it should remain legal. Abortion when it involves rape and incest. is a nightmare. Dragging it out for nine months of pregnancy seems but an added cruelty. Then there's the child, for he or she would be curious about the truth about the father this could be devastating. Nearly all the women interviewed in this anecdotal survey said they regretted aborting the babies conceived from rape or incest. Of those giving an opinion, more than 90 percent said they would discourage other victims of sexual violence from having an abortion. So if each request for abortion is going to be judged on its own merits then someone has to make the decision. Someone has to make a decision. Has a special court got to be set up in order to decide whether or not people abort babies.this

wont work because by the time the court had made a decision the mother would probably be in labor. This practice already has enough pressures of it's own is it really fair to add another one to it. So if the decision can not be made by someone judging it on its merits, then how about making one strict rule? This seems fine in theory but it would not work in practice because you would always find exceptions. Taking in to consideration all of these factors then I would have to say that a combination of both of these rules is necessary to deter discomfort from all parties concerned. A set of rules which determines what is to be done. This rules should be flexible in the sense that an appeal to a special court should be available. Abortion should never be done for convenience or the smooth running of one's career. Reproduction is a deep responsibility and sometimes, like other natural forces, must be expected to disrupt plans and opportunities. But pro-life is overly fanatic in its campaign against rape and health related abortion.