Developing New Skills.

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Developing New Skills

I was asked to write on the first day of English 101 why I thought that this was an important class to take. I simply said that English 101 is important because this is a class that will help teach me how to better my communication with others and broaden my horizons. I personally did not really feel that I would be getting as much out of the class as I really did. English has always been one of my weaknesses for me academically; however, I have always been good at speaking my mind and this class has helped me become a better writer. I consider myself to be a decent writer now, but I know there is still a lot of room for improvement. English is something that one can better him or her self at with practice. Along with taking Communications 235 and Environmental studies; my English class was where I devoted most of my time.

In a way it worked well with some of the work that I had to do for my Communications class. That is how important English is; it is something that works with other classes and just everyday activities. In writing all of the pieces for this class and putting my portfolio together, I have learned quite a bit about myself as a reader and a writer; as well and I have noticed many improvements.

English 101 had many differences compared to some of the English classes that I have taken in my other schooling. Some of the elements that helped me most to become a better reader and writer was all of the responses and pieces that we had to write in response. In my early years of schooling, of course English was about learning the basic grammar and...