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Preventing Youth Drinking and Driving: Effective Alcohol Approaches. (From is about ways to avoid teenagers who decide to drink to stop from driving. In this article it says that some of the most effective policies are “(a) taxation or price increases, (b) increases in the minimum drinking age. (c) zero tolerance, and (d) graduated licensing.” The article uses statistics to further demonstrate that we need to prevent youth drinking and driving. An example is: “24% of drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 years who were killed in traffic crashes in 2000 were intoxicated.” The article concludes saying that none of these policies can be effective unless their properly enforced.

Teen dies as friend flips SUV: Driver drinking, say cops. (From is about a teen who was drinking and due to weather conditions caused a car accident on the Grand Central Parkway on November 10, 2005. The accident resulted in the death of an 18-year-old college student, Betina Madrid, and the injuries of two others.

Betina was “thrown from her friend's Ford Explorer into the path of another car when the Ford slammed into a guardrail and flipped at 2 a.m. on the rain-slicked Grand Central Parkway near Queens Blvd. in Fresh Meadows.” She was not wearing her seatbelt causing her to exit the vehicle in time of impact. Her family was in complete denial about the entire situation. Jennifer Grabowski, the driver of the Ford Explorer was charged with “driving while ability impaired and faces up to 15 days in jail if convicted.” Gabriel Diaz, the third victim, was treated after suffering injuries to his head, neck and back. Madrid and Grabowski were Forest Hills High School Alumni, played basketball together and even worked at the same Best Buy electronic store in Queens.

Both the articles...