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Deviance and Crime

Mostly everyone in the world is a law-abiding citizen. People do not steal each other cars on the daily basis, burn down houses, or steal all of the time. Mostly everyone pay their taxes and drive under the speed limit. But everyone in this world has done something illegal which technically makes them a "criminal". People have run a red light, steal candy from the store, underage drinking, and many more. Some may land you in jail or some may not. The question is whether if people are a law-abiding citizen or a criminal? According sociologists everyone is. The real questions are when and where people are one or the other, under what certain circumstances do people obey the law, and what the social and legal substances of people behavior.

Deviance is breaking a social rule, or refusing to follow one. Deviant acts can be legal or illegal; they can violate a social rule or morals that can have or have not a legal consequence.

Any time in a week a person have done deviant behavior such as arriving late at a party or an event. People can also be considered deviant if they are associated with a person or a group; homosexuals, religion other than Christianity, or others. Being with someone that is not "normal" can make people think that a person is deviant like disable people, atheist, or being over-weight at a fitness club. Just being around those type of groups will label you as a deviant person.