Deviance of Spousal Cheating

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In a society that demands monogamy, the most common cause for a relationship to fail is infidelity. Though not a crime, cheating is most definitely a socially deviant act, with the offender shunned from the community for their immoral doings. However, is the call for monogamy fighting our natural biological blueprint? Out of 4,000 species of mammals on this planet, only less then three percent are considered to be truly monogamous. Human beings do not fall into that three percent. Why does society require that we suppress our natural, instinctive desires to make a futile attempt at a monogamous relationship which will more then likely end up in failure? In fact, recent studies printed in numerous science publications show that monogamous mammals are more prone to extinction then a polygamous species. This charade put on by these couples to suppress their sexual urges is much like the Freudian mental struggle of suppressing the barbaric id state of mind, where immature thoughts and desires are belittled by the ego and superego.

5,000 years of civilization and society cannot dispel millions of years of evolution (Smith), the human being was designed to be a promiscuous animal, by forcing to comply with their emotional feelings they are often in conflict with their physical desires, but still considered deviant by society.

This struggle to remain faithful is a fascinating mental struggle one must deal with everyday of a relationship. In terms of Freudian psychology, the brain is essentially divided into three personalities. The id, also referred to as the pleasure principle is our primitive section compelling us to act on impulse while giving no thought to the consequences. The ego is more or less our reality sense, satisfying the needs of the id while taking into consideration the needs and desires of others while...