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Training Program for a Line Worker

In the current organization, line workers are given the responsibility of putting together component parts of electronics. Each member of a specific line works a specific task for one week and then moves on to the next task in the line the following week, until the employee has learned all of the steps on the line. The purpose of this method is to ensure that employees do not become bored with the repetitive nature of their jobs and to ensure that the each employee can fill in at a moments notice when labor shortages occur.

Training a new employee in the position of a line worker, it seems reasonable to offer the employee a three week training session. In the first week, the employee should be placed with other incoming employees for orientation to the organization. This should include background information on both the employee and the organization.

Information sharing should be a part of the process. During this time employees will also fill out necessary paperwork for employment and receive information about benefit packages and company perks.

After the first week the line worker should be assigned to his or her specific area. Here the new employee will spend the entire week watching other employees perform on each section of the line. This will help the employee to get an overall feel for the work environment and how specific products are made for total production. Employees in this part of training should become accustomed to taking appropriate breaks and lunch periods.

In the third and final week of training, the employee should be given the opportunity to work hands on at each of the assigned station in the line. During this process, a designated leader on each station will work with the employee...