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What company is the leading international express carrier? If you answered Federal Express 1 or UPS 2 you are wrong. The right answer is DHL Worldwide Express 3. DHL main branch is located in Brussels, Belgium, and it began to ship bills and other documents from San Francisco to Honolulu in 1969. After the company got requests to deliver and pick up in Japan and other Asian countries, DHL soon became the business of international express delivery.

In highly developed economies, competition becomes more and more important for most business firms. Usually lots of businesses sell the same products at the same time to the same group of customers. Sometimes customers make their decisions simply based on which company offers the lowest price. In order to successfully keep making profits through intense competition, business firms have to come up with efficient competitive advantages and position. Also, it's very important to know the customers' interests regarding with specific product features in order to develop competitive advantages.

Creating Competitive Advantages

The company has to promote itself as the best provider of attributes that are important to target customers. Building long term relationships with customers is always the best way to go. DHL focuses on building customer relationships by hiring local personnel. In contrast to FedEx and UPS, DHL do not take a package and hand it off to an agent. Instead, DHL ensures that their deliveries and pick-ups are made by DHL personnel and that they can manage business locally by using local people who know their customers. UPS and FedEx both focus on using wireless technology for their service as a competitive tool, such as 802.11b WLAN 10, Bluetooth, DIAD 11, and GPRS. Furthermore, FedEx update their technology often to make sure they deliver the highest quality service by using...