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Art of Diverse Cultures What Did She Say? There is this wonderful painting by a Native Amirican named Juan "Quick to See" Smith. In this particular painting we see two figures faceing one other and what looks as if they are having a conversation. It is believed that "Quick to See" Smith is speaking to her ancestor however, we are not quite sure we know what about. That is what I plan to do… There are so many questions one could ask their ancestors. I don't really know much about were I came from but I do remember asking my mom. She told me that I am a bit Cherokee Native American and somewhat related to the Wright brothers. " Quick to See " Smith, whose heritage and life style is almost completely gone, is standing, asking questions that cannot be interpreted. When I look at the painting, I see a Childs finger painting figures with every stroke of color and words so small that they are just that, words.

If I had the chance to ask the author this question, she would probably mention something about her family, mother, and her grandmother. Maybe, about how the earth had smelled and the air had felt. Perhaps something about discovery and adventure She is asking her ancestor about love and lies. This list could go on forever, but the whole meaning, I think, is that if all the questions that were asked, were now answered then all the mystery and wounded would not exist. Or we could possibly be introduced to more elaborate questions. What would I gain from answered questions from my ancestors? Maybyclarity or even more hat for the Americans exploring the land. I don't know, and that's a wonderful thing.

What else could "Quick to See" Smith be asking her ancestors? Perhaps about the trials and tribulations that came along to take her peoples lives. The moving, the restrictions and the bull shit treads that were foolishly signed. She could be asking about the strength in the warriors and the spirituality in the showmen.

So indeed there are so many questions one person could ask their ancestors. "Quick to See" Smith is blessed to know her history and heritage. This is an eye opening painting and encourages me to enquire about my past history.