Diabetes Cookbook Review

Essay by Selsasee June 2008

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The book is called Diabetes Cookbook and it was written by Dorling Kindersley. This book is mainly written for diabetes for a guide to diet and how to make changes to eating habits and food choices that can be managed in the long term. Also, in this book there are over 100 recipes.

I decided to read this book because I was interested in the subject of diabetes because I wanted to know what type of foods they eat and if their food will be easy to cook like our daily food. I was also interested of the picture on the front cover, that looked delicious. The last thing that made me read this book is the blurb because if you read it, it makes you feel hungry and kind of gives you the smell of your past, mouth-watering food.

The purpose of this book is to let people with diabetes know:•What is diabetes•How to control diabetes•Hypoglycaemia•Eating healthily•Facts on food•Buying and cooking food•Meal planningHere the writer is trying to inform and advise what to do if we have diabetes.

The writer also warn for things which people with diabetes should not do and explain what to do. The writer is trying to get people with diabetes to read this book and also for people who loves cooking. I know this because this book has more than 10pages about diabetes and over 100 of recipes.

This book covers everything that I said on purpose and it is covered by lots of facts. There are all sort of pictures for each recipe which makes your tummy hungrier then ever.

The style the book is written is very formal and very interesting to read- here is a sentence from the book “adult following special diets because of medical diets…” I think that...