The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank

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The Diary of Anne Frank

The story Diary of Anne Frank was a very interesting book which showed

the ways a group of Jewish people during the 1940's went about trying to

conceal their identity and themselves. This story was a true story taken

from a diary of a young girl during the incident. This was made into a

play during 1955. This was praised as Frances Goodrich's and her husband

Albert Hackett's most famous work as it was performed.

The play was started in November of 1945. As Mr. Frank began to read

the diary, it flashed back to July 1942 in an attic in Amsterdam because

this was where the people were hiding and represented the type of place

that Jews all over were living. The most important part of the play were

the people who were acted out. They gave the play a sense of flavor and

realism. Anne, a young German girl was particularly amusing because of the

scuffles she and everyone around her seemed to have. Anne's Mother was a

woman who was more traditional than anything else and wanted Anne to be

more like a lady. One such person was Margot. As Anne's sister, she was

very nice and didn't speak out and was very proper. The Frank's weren't

the only ones in this attic, there were other people such as the Van Daans.

Mr. Frank let them stay because they needed a place to hide and since they

had helped him out so much in the past by actually teaching Mr. Frank

German, he felt it was the least he could do. The Van Daans had a son

which Anne later became interested in. Peter was the only person who Anne

could understand and knew that Anne could understand him. They could both...