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Did Life Come From Mars? The origin of life was the subject of the lecture. For example, there are mountains in western Australia that have the oldest fossils that had ever been discovered on this earth. The oldest fossil that was found was 3.6 billion years old. It is called the Marroona group. But life billions of years ago was ruff. About 4 million years ago asteroids bombarded the earth. Every 10-100 million years dinosaur killing asteroids hit the earth. An asteroid that is very known is called Eros. This very large asteroid is seven and a half kilometers across. It has impact scars from other objects hitting it that dates back from 3.5-4.8 million years ago. Luckily this asteroid is not heading towards the earth. Also the atmosphere of the earth is 3000 degrees so most asteroids burn up before reaching the land that we stand on.

About 3.5

billion years ago there is evidence of life photosynthesizing. It's known that bacteria were living in hot springs in Yellowstone National Park. Life can exist without light. When I was young I was taught that life is based around light. That is wrong and proof of that is in the Sea Bay. A ship drilled seven kilometers down into solid rock in the Sea Bay and live organisms were found. There are three types of organisms. One of then is called the Eucarya and it is a complex organism. Then there is bacteria and it is minimal comparing to the Eucarya. Last is the Archaea. But what is amazing is that the Eucarya has a nucleus.

Mars can have life because life doesn't necessarily have to be in the surface of the planet. It could be underneath the surface. In the late 1970's NASA sent out the Viking landing...