How did sister/mother frances xavier cabrini influence others in order to meet her goal.

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"Let us not shirk, and dream, and wait to help His children who are this moment in pain, in want, crushed and avandoned by the society of men." These are simple, yet powerful words by one woman who was not afraid to make the world a better place and make herself a better person. Side by side with business capacities, Sister Frances Zavier Cabrini colled forth unstintind admiration, a practical knowledge of building and of hospital and schol organization, which to experts, was amazing. Cabrini would show simplicity in almost everything, which aided her in persuading others(Catholic Information Network). Cabrini was given the high honor of being named the patrom of emigrants, immigrants, hospital administrators, and orphans in numerous countries all over the world (Saint Cabrini). Canonized by Pope Pius XII in 1946, Frances Cabrini was the first American citizen to be make a saint by the Roman Catholic Church (Delaney 125).

Sister Frances was the youngest of thirteen children born to an exemplary Catholic family (Catholic Information Network). Cabrini grew up in a small village called Sant'Angelo Lodiqiano, Italy (Delaney 125). This is where she was enthralled by the tales of missionaries throughout her childhood (Sister Frances Xavier Cabrini). As a child, Frances was shy and delicate, but at the same time intelligent, hard-working, obedient, strong-wille, and also incredibly devoted to prayer and God. Cabrini was educated by the Daughters of the Sacred Heart, where she was able to be trained to become a schoolteacher (Catholic Information Network). When Cabrini's parents passed away, and she was orphaned at the age of eighteen, Frances was traumatized and at the time, started to act upon the religious life she had heard so much of when she was younget (Delaney 125). After Cabrini's schooling was complete, she applied for admission to the...