What is the difference between the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street?

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Hunain Sarwar

What is the difference between the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street?

The Tea Party movement and Occupy Wall Street have been much publicized protests' in the recent years. Although both fight for political change, there are drastic differences between the two.

Occupy Wall Street trys to represent the "99%" of American in the United States, advocating they should have a voice in our government and trys to do so. This movement is represented by and represents the commoner, the low and middle class. Part takers of this movement include but are not limited to, the poor, subjugated to common middle class people of the United States. This movement has also rejected the idea of choosing a political party, however they advocate more towards the left wing. On the contrary, the Tea Party represents more of the wealthy and the "1%". This party is made up of more of the wealthiest Americans in the United States, also executives and board members of the major corporations in the country.

Members of this movement are almost exclusively republicans.

Moreover, the Tea Party's main supporters include corporate sponsorships and republican activists, the most notable being Fox news network. The Tea party wants less governmental influence over corporations and less taxation of its top executives. Conversely, Occupy Wall Street fights for less corporate influence over political and governmental affairs. Its funding also depends mostly on common members of its party and without corporate sponsorship which ultimately puts it at a slight disadvantage.

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