Differences and Similarities, Components of Two Major Religions.

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Judaism and Christianity are two of the many religions of the world. Both of these religions can be found throughout every country in the world. They share many similarities and differences.

People who are followers of Judaism are called Jews. There are four different divisions in Judaism. The divisions of Judaism are: Orthodox Judaism, Reformed Judaism, Conservative Judaism, and Secular Judaism. All four of these sects are unified together in one main belief. The foundation of Judaism is the belief in one God.

In Orthodox Judaism, the Jews accept the bible as God intended them to. These Jews do not change their belief or living style to suite the mode of modern influences. The Reformed Jews accept the moral laws of the bible and the ceremonies. Reformed Jews do not follow Jewish customs that are not accepted in modern civilization. Instead they move away from the traditional practices in their worship.

Conservative Judaism and Traditional Judaism are very closely tied. The Conservative practice is a little stricter in following the dogma of the Orthodox observance. Although, Conservative Jews make adjustments to their beliefs or way of living as long as it is within the Jewish belief. The last division of Judaism is Secular Judaism. Secular Jews are people who are Jewish, but do not follow the Jewish beliefs.

Another component of the universal Jewish belief is that the Messiah is yet to come. When there is peace in the world the Messiah will come and the dead will rise from their graves and be whole once more. That is the reason that until now and even still among the Conservative and the Orthodox, Jews are forbidden to donate organs for transplant, be embalmed or cremated.

Orthodox, Conservative and Traditional Jews go to a synagogue to pray to God.