The differences between the developing societies of New England and the Chesapeake regions.

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One of the many countries to settle in the New World was England. When the English first arrived, they settled mainly in two areas, the Chesapeake and New England. These settlers left Europe with much in common with one another. They may have left for different reasons but they all had the same goal in mind, a new and better life Although these two areas came from around the same area, they eventually became two very different places.

Before the colonies of England united to fight their own mother country, they were not united as one. In fact they had very different values and way of life. Much of New England was settled by peoples from Europe who were trying to escape religous persecution. In the Chesapeake region settlers came to the colonies in search for fourtune and money.

The Chesapeake region had one obvious trait to it that was different from the New England region. And that trait was their interest in money.

Although people were always separated by social class, the Chesapeake area stressed it much more. This lust for money soon began to affect much of the region. People would do things they would not regularly do. This soon led some to even kill their ship captain. Kendall wanted to do whatever he could just to make more money and other saw his foolishness and it cost him his life.(Doc F) Even more lives were lost during Bacon's Rebellion. Nathaniel Bacon and several of his fellow poor landowners didnt like how governor William Berkeley's policy with the natives. Bacon's reasons for his actions were that the government was not helping him and the rest of the poor get money and land.(Doc H) Bacon's followers attacked and many lives were lost including his own to disease. Then...