Different learning behavior between Asian and Western universities.

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This paper considers the different cultural, the different role of teacher, and the different role of learner (include the plagiarism) between Chinese and western university. These are that Chinese cultural is impacted on Confucianism; the two aspects of the role of teacher: respect moral role and authority; Chinese students are rote learner and will be pressures for plagiarism. Some Chinese students often find when they start to further their education in a western university, that the educational culture and system is quite different from the one in their home country. Chinese students have their own cultural and Chinese learning behavior and attitude, which are different from the westerns. Also they have a shock about the new education system, such as lacking of the experience in lecture notes taking, confused by the assignment requirements, preferred to work individually. However, this is the temporary phenomenon. Most of them can suit the western education system.

Moreover, learning styles are not culturally based but contextual and they can be flexible in western education system.

This paper shows some ideas about the different educational cultural first, then the role of teacher, and last, some evidence about the role of learner (include the plagiarism) between Chinese and western education system.

Chinese national culture.

It considers that Chinese students have their own learning behavior. Culture reflects the whole of human behavior. Such as believes, behavior, customs, traditions, values.... Learning cultural is closely connected to learning behavior. Different education cultural means by and large different learning behavior. According to Robbins (2004) "learning is any relatively permanent change in behavior that occurs as a result of experience"(p.46.). Chinese students have their own learning experience and behavior, which is impacted on the Chinese national culture. Chinese students are very silence and do not voluntary to answer the questions. As...