Discrimination against gays and lesbians article analysis

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Discrimination against gays/lesbians

Issues dealing with anti-gay and lesbian problems are controversial in today's world and the article Beyond High School: Heterosexuals' Self Reported anti-Gay/Lesbian Behaviors and Attitudes by Amy M. Rey proves it. In her article, Rey shows us a variety of studies that have been conducted over the years and she writes about different research methods that have been done to understand the problem of discrimination against gays and lesbians. The author writes of her view that some of these studies lack further research. Rey creates an argument discussing what should be improved in gay and lesbian studies that would truly begin to stop discrimination against homosexuals. Identifying five concepts: audience, argument, claim, support, and dissonance, studied in Everyday Arguments by K. Mayberry, helped me to achieve an in-depth analysis of Rey's article.

After reading this article, I realized that there are a few kinds of audiences this could be addressed to.

Gays, Lesbians, and bisexuals are the first audience that this article could be addressed to because their interests are fulfilled in such studies. This kind of audience would be interested in research that has been done to reduce discrimination against them. In her article, Rey is trying to show gay, lesbian, and bisexuals that they cannot be afraid of reporting anti-gay/lesbian incidents. She is explaining that they need to participate one-hundred percent in these surveys and studies so that this problem of discrimination will get solved faster. After reading this article, the homosexual and bisexual population will hopefully better understand the importance of these studies. With more understanding, they hopefully will try to cooperate more, knowing that there are ways to prevent discrimination. The second kind of audience is people who have conducted or will conduct anti-gay/lesbian studies and research. In Rey's article there are...