Is Discrimination the Answer?

Essay by soccer4lifeHigh School, 12th grade April 2004

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One issue that has caused many debates in the political arena is affirmative action. Originally designed to aid in the fight against discrimination, affirmative action has become the antithesis of its goal. Created in order to temporarily counteract discrimination, affirmative action was expected to fade out once there was an equal chance for all Americans. The problem with this idea of course, is that for many persons, the playing field will never be level. The concept is using racism to justify its own actions. The idea of using skin color and gender to judge a person's ability in the work force and educational areas is preposterous. Now, due to the evolution of the program, white males are being held back from great opportunities in order for colleges and business to meet a quota. As president I would ask the question, "Is discrimination in the present a resolution to discrimination in the past?" Naturally, the response to this should be "no," but for many supporters of the idea this discrimination seems justified.

No program should be considered good when it downplays the equality of men, a concept that our country was founded on. As citizens of the United States we are given the opportunity to advance. Whether or not that opportunity is taken is a choice that must be made by the individual. Initiative is the key aspect to achievement, not donation.