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  • Disregard those comments...

    Hey,Disregard those 2 last comments, they have nothing to do with the quality of your essay. You wrote about very controversial topic so no wonder you are going to have some religious freak attacking you. It is too bad that they lower your rating because their comments expressed their personal opinion about the issue, and had nothing to do with the quality of your essay which I think is very high. Good luck!Kamil
    • 25/04/2004
    • 15:15:03
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  • Not fair!

    It is more of a note, than an essay...this site is for people who are serious about their academic contributions. Therefore I don't think it is fair for anybody to submit such poor "essay" expecting that it is enough to go about getting a free access to the data base, to use essays of people who spent weeks on writng their papers.
    • 24/04/2004
    • 01:52:25
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  • Good job!

    It is very refreshing to see such mature point of view like for a 13th grader... Very good work. Well stated and augmented thesis.
    • 23/04/2004
    • 17:54:10
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  • More Harm than good

    At present there are 54 independent Muslim States, of which most of them differ in culture, social customs and traditions. In your essay you did not provide any sources for your information, you also should have specify your relationship to the subject.I am Jewish myself so I have no reason to defend Muslim matters, but it does bother me when I see people making ignorant, personal contributions to enhance prejudices.
    • 23/04/2004
    • 17:47:07
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