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In a Hurry

Her soft brown hair fell loosely across her freshly powdered head. Each and every hair on her head was strategically placed, each curl was flawlessly looped, and held in place with hairspray. As she franticly walked, her glossy shoes clicked the pavement, one after the other, in a hypnotic rhythm. It seemed as if she were only skimming the ground. The blazing sun beamed off of her newly polished black heals. Her sweet fragrance carried with her as she walked. It was the sent of a fresh bouquet of roses and the slight aroma of baby powder. In her fragile hand, she tightly clutched a big black briefcase.

She wore the most gorgeous and unique jewelry. They all purposely matched her pink and black silk skirt. On her neck she wore a stunning, fancy necklace with light pink and crystal jewels on it. A bold chain didn't link the jewels together; instead they were attached by a clear string, which gave the illusion that they were floating on her chest.

She wore matching earrings.

She seemed as if she were in a hurry to get where ever she needed to be. Her eyes looked incredibly apprehensive and exhausted. Now and then she would silently whisper words to herself under her breath. She was in her won world, not stopping to notice the plush green trees, the stunning clear crystal sky, the lazy bumble of the bees, or even the remote sound of children laughing and playing. All I knew was, wherever she was going, she was definitely behind schedule.