Discuss how the composer uses techniques in order to portray a physical journey to the responder with reference to IMmigrant CHronicles by Peter Skryznecki and 3 other related texts

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A physical journey is not simply the traveling from one place to another. While on a physical journey, you are able to gain knowledge and experience, which is one of the main aspects of an inner journey. In saying this we can see that with physical journeys, comes inner journeys. In our prescribed text, Immigrant Chronicles, Peter Skrzynecki shows a pessimistic view towards his journeys but it is because of these journeys that he was able to learn from his mistakes and change his attitudes. Through the study of texts such as the website from the stimulus booklet, Journeys over Land and Sea from Voyages, A Smithsonian Libraries Exhibition and City of the Beasts by Isabel Allende it is clear that they all show the way in which we are able to gain and develop our knowledge from our experiences. In the animated film Grave of the Fireflies by Isao Takahata, the protagonist reminisces about his life and we are able to see his reaction to the mistakes he made in the past.

In the poem Leaving Home by Peter Skrzynecki, the composer shows a pessimistic view towards physical journeys. The composer uses techniques such as similes, imagery, metaphor and emotive language to express his attitudes towards his first teaching job in the country town of Jeogla. He is being forced to go by administration and is trying to deal with the dehumanizing processes of administrative bureaucracy. Through the use of emotive language, the composer is able to convey an unpleasant atmosphere whereby the persona feels as though he has his "severed head under one arm". With the use of the simile, "Like a war-time train..." and the metaphor in the line, "The verdict came next day by phone", the responder is able to witness the composer's interpretation of...