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Interpretation of "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost

d the speaker's decision to select the road not taken.Man's life can be metaphorically related to a physical journey filled with many twists and turns. Through out this journey there are instants wher ...

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Coleridge and the concept of Journeys

he journey involves three focus natures, that of the inner journey, the imaginative journey and the physical journey. Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772 - 1834) explores these three sub-concepts comprehens ... onfinement to liberation is visualized to be accepted a factor involved in the journey. Coleridge's physical confinement, as well as mental is immediately denoted by the reference of 'prison' in the t ...

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Synthesis task

Area of Study Synthesis TaskThe process of a physical journey is often filled with significant experiences that provide growth opportunities for ... arious composers have represented different perspectives of journeys. Peter Skrzynecki explored the physical and emotional journeys of migrants in his poems "Migrant Hostel" and "Immigrants at Central ... rocess of climbing the Himalayas was so enriching for her. The personal development that comes from physical journeys is illustrated in Joe Turtel's film "Cool Runnings".Through these texts it has bee ...

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Speech style essay on Journeys

journey still remains the most powerful and best descriptive word. Today I'm going to focus on the physical side of the journey. It can be more then just the movement from place to place, it is more ... n just the movement from place to place, it is more like a vehicle to other journeys, for example a physical journey can result in you having an emotional, spiritual or inner journey which all help to ...

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Techniques in Ivory Trail, by Victor Keleher

any kinds of journeys. One of the most obvious journeys represented in the visual is the literal or physical journey. But underlying this The Ivory Trail could be also seen as an imaginative journey. ... place a sense of exoticness and adventure. This allows the responder to visualise the protagonist's physical as well as the imaginative journey through his perspective. The presence of the pyramid den ...

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Discuss how the composer uses techniques in order to portray a physical journey to the responder with reference to IMmigrant CHronicles by Peter Skryznecki and 3 other related texts

A physical journey is not simply the traveling from one place to another. While on a physical journey, ... perience, which is one of the main aspects of an inner journey. In saying this we can see that with physical journeys, comes inner journeys. In our prescribed text, Immigrant Chronicles, Peter Skrzyne ... he past.In the poem Leaving Home by Peter Skrzynecki, the composer shows a pessimistic view towards physical journeys. The composer uses techniques such as similes, imagery, metaphor and emotive langu ...

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How is the concept of the physical journey is described in your prescribed texts?

A physical journey consists of the movement from one place to another, whereby the individual undergoe ... eir feelings of not being in control, 'Neither masters nor slave'. While their freedom has not been physically restricted, like in the war, they are still being commanded by external bodies, such as t ... e is no simple journey and Skrzynecki writes of 'storms and exiles'. The immigrants experience both physical and emotional hardship. The shining spots from the 'Ivory Trail' are reminiscent of 'the wi ...

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Brief notes on 'The Road Not Taken' by Robert Frost

The Road Not TakenA journey can be defined as a physical, imaginative or inner experience that leads to the accomplishment of intended goals hence r ... he growth and maturity of an individual.Within the context of Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken the physical journey taken by the persona is used as a metaphor for the inner journey he is actually exp ...

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PHYSICAL JOURNEYS How have the texts you have studied this year effectively shaped your understanding of the impact of journeys?

The importance of a physical journey is the experience along the way and what it teaches. Through the texts Post Card an ... techniques and ideas and gave me a knowledge that helped me understand that a journey is not just a physical movement but an intellectual and emotional journey as well.What happens along the journey h ... oices have on the journeys we undertake.Another poem by Skrzynecki, which represents the impacts of physical journeys, is Migrant Hostel, which describes the difficult circumstances after the Skrzynec ...

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How are the concepts of the journey expressed through the context, values and structure of the texts chosen for the 'Area of Study'?

Journeys enatil numerous concepts, from which the notions of a physical journey mayalso be superimposed with the journey of intellectual discovery, self awareness, ... he poemuntil a human experience of spiritual awakening is reached and a link has been createdto the physical realm. Coleridge, through 'Kubla Khan' also manages to portray a non-picturesque metaphysic ... down hasbecome the focus, and the imaginary journey is used to unify the persona's attributesin the physical realm and her other attributes beyond the physical. 'The Wind in theWillows' (extract) from ...

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Concepts of Facing Reality through the texts 'The Riders' by Tim Winton, 'Retrun to Bali' and film 'Snow falling on Cedars'

at the characters in these texts were confronted were presented in the ideas of facing reality is a physical or mental journey, that pain and suffering might be endured and that there will be a change ... . The novel "The Rider's shows that when confronted with reality, you will face it through a physical or mental journey. Scully took both a mental and physical journey. Moving from one place to ...

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The way journeys and imaginative journeys are communicated in two of the stimulus book items 2004 "The Ivory Trail" and "Journey into the Interior"

rney is the distance travelled in a specified time from one place to another, whether this place is physical, inner or imagined. Imaginative journeys occur in a fantasy world, where the reader or char ... the wild and unknown. One of the most obvious journeys represented in the visual is the literal or physical journey. But underlying this The Ivory Trail could be also seen as an imaginative journey, ...

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Behing enemy lines

step taken towards a finish line. Journey can be related to everyday life and can be spread through physical to imaginative as well as inner. Physical journey is determined to acknowledge physical mov ... m.Behind Enemy Lines, is a movie very abundantly recognised to be settled under the apprehension of physical journey. The movie uses film techniques, special effects to complete a suggestive physical ...

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An analysis of "the wind in the willows" by kenneth grahame on the concept of a journey

rically relates to the concept of a journey. Not only does this extract describe the arranging of a physical journey but also it illustrates different people's connotations of and responses to the ide ... stick to me and do as I do, aren't you, Mole?"While this short excerpt represents the proposal of a physical journey for these characters, it is also an imaginative journey for the reader as we engage ...

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Inner journey's as represented by various texts

t is apparent from these poems that inner journeys are brought about as a consequence of an extreme physical journey that can prompt profound feelings within an individual. This is explained in Shirle ... lt of mistake that the character ha learnt from. This can be clearly observed through these texts.A physical journey evidently brings about inner journeys along with the intense emotions that are link ...

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The Journey: Greater understanding as discussed in Michael Gow's Away, Richard Kelley's Donnie Darko, Vanessa Carlton's White Houses and Margaret Atwood's Journey to the Interior

search for self is endless, lifelong. While wrought with distress and obstacles, consequences of a physical journey are self-discovery and inner nourishment. While destination is the short-term goal, ... n Vietnam, Coral, her name symbolic of nature, is unable to function and interact normally. Likened physically to the period actress Kim Novak, Coral, like Novak, appears detached and cold, unable to ...

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Importance of Journeys

What have you learnt about the importance of journey from your study of physical Journey? Refer to 2 poems, 1 supplementary and 1 stimulus material.A physical journey may b ... lk in the park or a travel to a wilderness place where clueless is a common word. The importance of physical journeys is the hardship and memories it carries within the traveller. The importance of ph ... is poem is sad, this a represented through the word "rain", which is symbolic of sadness, tears and physical hardship. The "trains whistle" is a reminder of other train whistle of other lands/departur ...

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Whose Life Is It Anyway?-by Brian Clark

In the play, Whose Life Is It Anyway? ,composed by Brian Clark, considers the physical, emotional and intellectual journey of patient, ken Harrison, who presented with an unusual ... s and structure of texts. Ken's quest on his journey is to discharge from the hospital and also his physical condition. While on his journey he gains new insights and understanding of himself and the ... on his journey he gains new insights and understanding of himself and the world around him.In ken's physical journey, before the accident his condition was sculptor and teacher which was active life. ...

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How the journey is represented in an image of a premature baby being held in the hands of a elderly male.

stic eye and skilful mind, the anonymous photographer has captured the essence and immensity of the physical human journey. The first moments of life is contrasted to the last in this black and white ... the baby we see will one day have hands like's both scary and fascinating. The concept of physical journey is that in whatever context, it is inevitable.Nothing, in its entirety, can ever st ...

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"Its the journey that matters, not the destination" a 3 minute speech on journeys, presented to a year 11 class.

So year 11, Is a physical journey merely a distance traveled? Or is there a greater meaning behind every step that is ... veled? Or is there a greater meaning behind every step that is taken? As well as extending yourself physically, what about the mental, emotional and intellectual transformation on the journey? Remembe ... d negative challenges we face.Similarly, the poet, Peter Skrzynecki documents the importance of the physical journey as a learning experience in his poem, "crossing the red sea". His recounts shows us ...

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