Inner journey's as represented by various texts

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The inner journey can be brought about in numerous ways and commonly result in intense emotions. This is evident in the poems ?Of Eurydice? by Ivan Lalic and ?The French Prisoner? by Janos Pilinsky. It is apparent from these poems that inner journeys are brought about as a consequence of an extreme physical journey that can prompt profound feelings within an individual. This is explained in Shirley Geok?lin Lim?s text ?The Town Where Time Stands Still? from the BOS booklet. James Mangold?s film ?Girl, Interrupted? reveals that the emotions that are often linked to inner journey?s can be exceptionally painful and difficult to experience as a result of the choices we make. However, there is always a desire to change and improve us, which ultimately defines our inner journey. In addition many of these inner journeys are brought about as a result of mistake that the character ha learnt from.

This can be clearly observed through these texts.

A physical journey evidently brings about inner journeys along with the intense emotions that are linked with these journeys. In ?Of Eurydice?, Orpheus?s journey to the underworld is what initiates his inner journey. Orpheus believed that he was the center of the universe, but once he disobeys the lords on his return from the underworld he loses Eurydice forever. His inner journey occurs as he realizes that he is not in control of everything. Ivan Lalic uses a negative tone as well as extreme emotive words in order to develop the emotions of anguish that have been brought about because of his actions on his return journey. In the first line of the poem ?No one prevented me plunging my voice? Lalic immediately established this, as ?No? has negative connotations and ?plunging? is an extreme emotive word in its context...