Discuss the extent to which Vianne Rocher and Francis Reynaud are outsiders in the novel "Chocolat" written by Joanne Harris

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Vianne Rocher and her daughter Anouk had moved from America (New York) to a French village called Lansquenet-sous-Tannes; Vianne Rochers moves with her daughter (Anouk) into a disused bakery opposite the village's church and turns the disused backery into a chocolate shop. When Vianne moves with her daughter into the disused bakery facing the church, where Francis Reynaud, the young and opinionated curé of the parish, watches her arrival with disapproval and suspicion. When he realizes that Vianne intends to open a chocolate shop in place of the old bakery, thereby tempting the churchgoers to over-indulgence, Reynaud's disapproval increases. As it becomes clear that the villagers of Lansquenet are falling under the spell of Vianne's easy ways and unorthodox opinions, to the detriment of his own authority, he is quick to see her as a danger. Vianne is an outsider in the village and the village people ignore her and her daughter and Reynaud tries to stop the village people from accepting her as one of their own.

The extent to which Vianne Rocher is an outsider is that she has just moved from America " we are going to start a new life from New York..." (Chapter:1, page:11) ,and she also has to remind her daughter Anouk to speak French "I have to remind her to speak French..."(page:12) which immediately tells you that they are outsiders and that they do not know the customs of the people of the French village Lansquenet-sous-Tannes.What even makes her more of an outsider is that they are wearing different clothing to them "our clothing marks us as strangers, transient". The extent to which Vianne Rocher is an outsider also is that she does not attend church like the rest of the village people of Lansquenet-sous-Tannes "But we...