Discuss Petrovic's article on the problems the Balkan countries have faced post communism

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This essay will discuss Petrovics’ article on the success of post communist Balkan countries and why they are unsuccessful. The first part of the essay will discuss the reasons he believes caused the problems they are facing now. The second part of the essay will discuss the other problems suggested by other authors and the reasons why he thinks they are invalid. It will end with a conclusion of the main points.

In the article he argues that the success of the Baltic states in transitioning to democracy is not only decided by their historical “roots” (Patten, 2001) but rather the political decisions made concerning the timing of transition and how much the transition would be implemented have had a crucial impact on the institutional design of these states. He argues that the politics of recent have had much more of an impact than history. The geographical location and the preparation in pre-communist times can only have affected their success if it affected the political decisions close to the collapse of the soviet union.

The main agenda being for or against the EU (Petrovic, 2008). Those countries which had a more favourable position toward the EU received guidelines and assistance. The EU gave these guidelines as a target to be reached if they wanted membership of EU. These rules were in the interest of the EU but in setting these targets the countries involved were more adaptable to western society. Looking back, it was the only viable option. The EU also demanded that the ethnic conflicts be resolved before EU accession The countries which rejected this idea were left behind. A reason for the Balkans delay in adjusting themselves to EU standards was the successful political parties in 1990-1991 (Petrovic, 2008). One of the points Petrovic suggests hinder some of...