Discuss the role of History as a political mechanism for social control (reference to Brave New World and 1984

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In both novels, Brave New World by Arthur Huxley and 1984 by George Orwell, the role of History is essential. History is an essential component to understand the present circumstances. The use of History is not to repeat mistakes from the past in the future.

History plays an important role in both novels, however they are handled differently.

In the Novel Brave New World by Arthur Miller, History is rejected and suppressed. One of the characters in the novel, the world state ruler Mustapha Mond says, "History is bunk". He knows History well, to see the potential threat. No citizens in the Brave New World get in contact with History. The ideology of the Brave New World is to life timeless in the presence and after Mond's view there should be no History.

Another essential factor for the banning of History in the Brave New World is that History is often regarded negatively, which would lead to unhappiness and violence.

These are two major opposites of the ideology of the Brave New World. In the Brave New World, the idea of timeless and constant happiness is essential. Violence and anger do not exist. The fear of History insists in wars, worker riots and Revolutions. That is the reason, why during the most important process of development in the Brave New World, which is hypnopaedia, the inhabitants are not taught any History. In fact, the citizens are not aware of the existence of History. This essential power of History to influence people's views and thoughts is the biggest threat to the Brave New World. The only people that know History are the world rulers, such as Mond. He took over the responsibility to build up the Brave New World after the Nine Year War, which destroyed the world. History leads...