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Museum Go Down the Hole

The Detroit Institute of Arts in Detroit, Michigan, is Michigan's diamond in the rough, an institution housing thousands of pieces of priceless artwork in a state that offers little else of such intellectual stimulation.

Museums are renowned institutions of class and beauty, possessing pieces of the most beautiful, intricate, and famous art ever known to man. They contain works from such greats as the ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians, as well as more current artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Frederick Edwin Church, and Charles Scheeler. These pieces were crafted with obvious skill, expertise, and time. They are exemplary, worthy of the admiration of a crowd, the reason for the existence of a museum.

Museums were formed with the idea of preserving humanity's heritage, an effective way for the public to view artifacts and great works of art, and yet preserving them and keeping them safe for generations to come.

People can come and view things that one has only heard or dreamt about, or perhaps never even imagined possible to be created by ancient minds. One can actually come face to face with the work of the great Vincent Van Gogh, the man who today is recognized as one of the greatest artists of all time. That certainly does not happen every day. Museums are places where prominent and educated speakers come to give lectures, concerts and demonstrations are held, and educational classes, guided tours and workshops are given. They are institutes of higher learning. However, somewhere along the line these great homes of preservation and education have given way to the collapse of society's standards and become gathering places for some of the least educated and talented

so-called art work known to man - that of 'modern' art.

There has come into existence...