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Disney as a concept is synonymous with customer service. " The cast includes all employees at Disneyland and every cast member is working as part of a team, which serves to internal as well as external customers.

Types of Customers

Internal customers

The internal customer at Disneyland Resort Paris is the cast member. All cast members work in teams, which form part of an organisation.

.ie. Disney serves its internal customers directly through training using their own training institution on site "Disney University".

External Customers

The external customers of Disneyland Resort Paris come from many different markets. According to the Marketing manager of Disneyland Paris, the resort attracts customers using different methods of distribution channels, this channels are:

* Consumer direct

* Tour operators

* Groups

* Businesses conventions

* Retail Trade (Travel agencies)

During the conference at Disney, the marketing manager emphasised that Disney cannot rely on a single distribution channel; therefore a thorough research is carried out when changes on the distribution channels occurs.

This helps Disney to keep a healthy balance on the frequency and seasonality of each distribution channel used in order to make this research effective, Disney has a sales team in most countries in Europe.

For task 1 my team and I decided to produce a questionnaire in order to identify the different customers of Disneyland Paris. We interviewed several people during our stay in Disneyland Resort Paris. The questionnaire and the results are as follows.


1. Age _________

We can see from the graph above that 50% of the people who we interviewed are young adults. Because of the nature of the business we can assume that most of these people have small children.

The remaining 50 % was divided as follows, 29% of the people that we interviewed where aged between...