The disparity of the North and the South

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This assignment is talking about the developed countries are expected to benefit the most from the technological advanced, with those less developed countries being far left behind. If technological advanced were the sources of sustainable economic growth and development, it would mean that the disparity between the North and the South will be further widened. Evaluate the tasks of national or international institutions to fill up the gap.

Technological innovation can often enjoy a clear competitive advantage in the world market, allowing them to dominate political and economic process. Knowledge always lead human to the trend of high-technology because technology can more convenience human and help them processes their work in high-speed. With the use of technology innovation, it can beneficial to various industries as well as speed up the growth of country's economy.

Somehow, due to the invention of technology, it may bring a lot of problems to differences countries.

North and South was one of the evidences shows the gaps since the Second World War in terms of the impact of technology. According to Paul Kennedy, "Economic change and technological development, like wars or sporting tournaments, are usually not beneficial to all." The growth of a country might be differing even with the innovation of technology. Some of the countries will beneficial from it, but some might not.

Therefore, I will discuss this paper by separate it into few parts. In section 2, I will briefly discuss about the background of technology in North and South. For this section, I will mention about the main factor disparate North and South and economy disparate. In section 3, I will discuss about the influence of technology and section 4 will discuss about the solution for the gaps between North and South.

The background of technology

1. The main factor...