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The world of telecommunication and informatics has changed at an incredible pace over the past decades and becomes the booming industry in the new millennium. The explosions of attention and contributions to the role plays by several major actors (states, private and public firms) have shaped and boost the global telecommunication industry by digitisation. Digitisation has presents many opportunities and challenges for firms to contest market, and hence shaped an electronic economy for global business with its borderless nature.

Digitisation undoubtedly plays a vital role for the dissemination of electronic business. An increasing number of firms globalise their operations. So, there is a myriad of regulatory regimes have embedded in the regulation scopes from various contested arenas such as telecommunication market, competition policy, standardisation, international accounting rates regime, intellectual property and satellite regulation.

The purpose of this paper is to answer the question of what would Drahos and Joseph has to say about electronic business if they were to include in their paper today.

Electronic business is one of the contested arenas which have left out in Drahos and Joseph's paper - "Contested Arenas in International Telecommunications: towards and Integrated Political Perspective (1998)".

The myriad of regulatory regimes are so broad. For that reason, the focus in this paper is to touch on to what extent regulators and legislators should respond in the rapid expansion of electronic business as in relationship to telecommunications or as to what level of global governance can be reached in the absence of a global government (Cogburn, 2001 p. 23). Although this is not a new issue, it is just that an old wine to be filled in a new bottle, which is whether the government should impose restriction and regulation on electronic business or let the private sector leads the regulation themselves. It...