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The story begins with two boys, Ralph and Piggy, coming out onto

the beach from the dense jungle where they have met. The reader

realizes from their conversation that they are on an island although

they are yet to confirm it. They belong to a group of boys who

were being flown to some unknown destination, but their plane has

crashed. The pilot of the plane is missing, and there seems to be no

grown-ups on the island.

Ralph and Piggy wonder where the other boys could be. They find

a conch shell and blow on it, sending out a loud and blaring sound.

All of the other children soon start to appear. First to enter is a

party of boys marching in step in two parallel lines. They are all

dressed in strange, but similar, clothing. They are choirboys, and

their leader is Jack Merridew. He is authoritative and very rude to

Piggy; after a few short questions, he seems to size up the

situation. Jack wishes to be the chief, especially since he is already

head of the choirboys. The boys, however, decide to have a vote;

everyone except the choir votes for Ralph as their leader. Realizing

Jack's anger at being defeated, Ralph offers him the position of

Head of the Hunters.

Ralph, Jack and Simon decide to explore the island while the

others are asked to wait on the beach. Jack rudely puts down piggy

when he wishes to join them. All three boys start off briskly, happy

to be in each other's company. They reach the end of the island,

which has jagged rocks stretching towards the mountains. They

have to move in and out of the jungle to reach the rocky paths

leading upward. They move towards the summit, pushing a huge

rock over the edge of the cliff on the way, an event that clearly

foreshadows the boulder that pushes Piggy over the cliff to his

death on the rocks below.

The view from the square mountaintop is breathtaking. It confirms

that they are on an uninhabited island. Ralph proudly keeps

proclaiming their ownership of the land. On their way back down,

they come across a piglet caught in the creepers. Jack draws his

knife, ready to kill the pig, but he stops. He is obviously a civilized

boy with no stomach for the blood letting. The pig takes advantage

of the moment and runs away. Jack excuses himself by saying that

he was choosing the right place to stab it and that the next time he

would definitely kill. The boys come out of the jungle and move

towards the boys waiting on the beach.