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Too Fast, Too Accurate

Today, computer software programs are commonly used in all area of molecular biology and genetics, because computer software programs give scientists power and accuracy to get right results and speed they need to get back laboratories sooner. Moreover, like it does in other fields of science, using of computer software programs accelerates the discoveries and developments in molecular biology and genetics.

DNA sequencing, which is one of the important events in molecular biology, is the process of exploring nucleotide sequence of DNA fragments. The sequence of DNA encodes the necessary information for living things to survive and reproduce. Therefore, determining the sequence of DNA is very useful in researches into how organisms live and in applied subjects related to it. Because DNA is key to all organisms, knowledge of DNA sequence can help us to make significant discoveries in all biological subject area. For example, in medicine it can be used to identify genetic diseases and potentially develop treatments for genetic diseases.

However, generating meaningful data about DNA sequences can take long hours or days. Therefore, software tools are used to make DNA sequence analysis because they speed and simplify scientists' tasks.

Now, I want to introduce some DNA sequencing software programs that are used in DNA sequencing analysis.

BASS (Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research)

Bass is Unix-based software for tracking, extracting, and base calling DNA sequencing gels. It can handle the data file formats produced by the ABI 373 and 377 machines.

Chromas1.2 (Technelysium)

This program displays and prints chromatogram files from ABI automated DNA sequencers and Staden SCF files, and it allows the user to manipulate the sequences.


DNATools (Carlsberg Laboratory)

It is a software for handling and analysis of nucleotide and protein sequences. This downloadable package also has special functions for...