Do My Goals in Life Involve Spirituality?

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Introspection... Do My Goals in Life Involve Spirituality?

At 7:19 A.M. you are most likely to find me under my covers in a nice, deep sleep. At 7:20 however, this peaceful silence is disturbed when the dreaded alarm clock rings! Half asleep, I instinctively reach to press the snooze button, and I treasure the last precious moments in my warm, cozy bed. When the alarm sounds again, I reluctantly get out of bed and begin my morning routine of taking a shower, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and of course, rushing out of the house to get to my 9:00 writing class on time. And so my day continues. From time to time though, I stop and think, there must be more to life. During such moments of inspiration, I realize more than ever how important spirituality is to me.

What exactly is spirituality? To every person spirituality means something else.

To me personally, spirituality definitely involves religion, but it also includes being a moral person and being at peace with myself. I still struggle day after day to figure out what I can do to add spirituality to my life. By now I realize that becoming a spiritual person is an ongoing process which requires constant work and dedication. My hope is that day by day I will grow into a better, kinder, and more giving person.

As a teenager, I have given this whole subject much thought and deliberation. When you are a child, life seems quite rosy and dandy, life is fun and games. As you group up, you begin thinking more about what life is really all about. At a certain point during the teenage years, the difficulties of life hit you with full force and you try to search for meaning. When this happens, you...