What do you expect to gain from studying in Singapore and what do you think is the most challenging while learning here?

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Studying overseas nowadays is extremely popular in Vietnam. But among so many studying abroad routes, which one will lead to success? In recent years, studying in Singapore is considered the best choice for outstanding students at pre-universities, universities and graduate degrees.

As Singapore is a country lacking natural resources, its gaining to a developed country relies on the main source: intellectualization. That is the reason why the Singapore government sees to the education conditions, environment and quality. Almost all of the most modern scientific machines can be found in National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technical University - the two world class universities in this country. Along with the perfect for-learning instruments, the students enrolled in overseas courses are from various countries, which creates a mutual learning atmosphere. Studying with talented friends helps you mix well with other cultures. Moreover, the teaching staff here is superior to those in other Asia-Pacific schools and even have the same training competence in the US and Great Britain.

The professors in Singapore colleges have different nationalities such as Singaporean, Indian, American, English etc. and some are from Havard and Cambridge universities. Spending your on campus courses in such a internationalised, high quality education in a friendly and conducive environment will help you improve your knowledge, contact with modern learning, intergrate with people, give you self-confidence and consolidate your future.

In Singapore there are many vocational progams which is the primary difference between the students programs here and in Vietnam. Taking part in these programs enables students to figure out how to achieve their success, which job is the most suitable for themselves and what requirements of that trade they have to meet. Occupation is the essential thing for everybody, since it decides your life and whether you will succeed. The orientation of...