Doctor Assisted Suicide

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Is doctor- assisted lethal injection expectable for terminally ill people?

Many find it to be suicide, while others find it a great comfort. Religious

beliefs, morals, self-value, and laws have divided in our society by this

decision. Is the process better for the patient? Should it be against the law?

There are many questions about doctor-assisted lethal injections now we

take a closer look to the affects and you can decided.


When we speak of assisted suicide, there are several definitions to

describe it. This means that a qualified medical practitioner in fulfilling the

wishes of a, competent terminally ill patient, to end his/her own life usually

by means of lethal injections. Euthanasia is the act of mercifully ending the

life of a hopelessly suffering patient. The difference between the two: during

euthanasia, when death itself occurs, it's carried out by the doctor; in doctor

assisted suicides, the patient fulfills the final step of terminating his/her own


Medical actions intended to relieve suffering are ethical and lawful, as

are the withdrawal of treatments, which only prolonging death. Is there a

difference? Current law recognizes the right of every mentally competent

person to refuse unwanted medical treatment, but not the right to take one's

own life. When the person has expressed a preference to die it is a difficult

concept for some, and can give rise to confusion. When life-sustaining

treatment is withdrawn by patients consent, where the intention is to relieve

suffering, from the natural course of the underlying illness, is this suicide? If

the diagnosis is correct, death will then result from this illness which is

going to be the eventual unavoidable cause. Until death occurs, every means

of providing comfort must be maintained by law, unless a patient refuses

treatment. Should euthanasia be considered a...