What does writing mean to me? An analysis of what writing means and is in my experiences and views.

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To me writing is an amazing way of communication. One can convey their ideas in such a way that the reader feels what the author feels, and in a sense, experience what he or she is reading.

Writing gives us a way to study our past, record the present, and discover the future. Without it I feel that we would not have been able to achieve close to what we have so far. As professor Heckathorn states, "writing is an action, an event, a performance." Writing is a form of permanent communication. The reader is grasping the original ideas of the author as apposed to a regurgitated version. Not only this but there are no interruptions in the flow of thought. Conversation or argumentation for example, can have many conflicting and confusing points of view often arriving at no conclusion. Writing allows the reader to comprehend the authors train of thought from beginning to end.

Writing can be used for so many different purposes. I find that writing asserts ones presence; it conveys the individual's opinion and tells a story. It allows the reader to take in the authors ideas and points of view, and from there formulate his or her own. It allows for ideas to have a permanent space in the world and to continually influence, educate and entertain.