THE Dogs suprior to all other animals

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The humans, throughout history, had the need to domestic animals, such as the dogs. Scientists have proven that the earliest domesticated animal was the dog. The human domesticated many other animals, such as the cat for ritual purposes. Scientists proved that dogs have very good hearing adeptness, or ability as well as a very good sniffing adeptness. Essentially, dogs were the only animal that humans kept as a pet for survival purposes. The dogs are superior to all domesticated animals and pets.

Dogs have a high hearing adeptness. They are able to hear such things as the footsteps of a burglar outside the house or a whistle that the humans are able to hear as a tiny peevish sound, while the dogs can perfectly hear and respond to this noise. Since the dog has a very good hearing adeptness, the dog can alarm their owners when there are strangers behind them or when there are strangers coming into there house.

Other pets and domesticated animals such as the cats, parrots, hamster and many other have a very bad hearing compared to the dog. The dog has many good qualities that put him above other animals.

The dog has a very superior sniffing adeptness. Dogs are able to sniff out such things as bombs and drugs. From the scent of people the dogs may determine whether the person is a stranger or not or they can smell the scent of drugs or the bombs and notify the cops through barking that the person or place contains a bomb or anything they are searching for. If there is, a lost person the dog smells the scent of the person to find out the way the person went. Many other pets cannot sniff as well as the dog but some...