A Dream

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Haze and fog dances around us, the sun tries to make its appearance breaking the thin clouds - but hiding form the darkest ones. There is a song playing in the background paving emotions all over us. Here we stand, silence but full of words and desperation. The trees are swaying to the music and the thunder pounds a sweet beat. The lightening outlines nature's smile and hypnotizes us with the longest stare. The sky is filled with pinks and dark purples crashing into one another. Dusk and the silver moon go so well together tonight. Breezes we can taste wisp by our faces, whispering something only we can understand. I can feel the heat raise form the ground - pinch me so I know I'm not dreaming. My eyes wander to where he is, and he speaks something special with his glance. It's raining now, I close my eyes.

He catches my smile, this time I don't hide. The drops slide down the rainbows surrounding us as we catch them with our skin. Beautiful is the word that can only describe this moment, this secret, this feeling only we share. I notice a flower by my feet, lonely yet proud. Then I look at him - strange how much they resemble one another. Then everything is quiet...he sings a simple note, controlling me and numbing my body with pleasure. My heart beats fast like a drum. He's silent now, so silent it scares me. A blast of wind shoves me closer to this face I love to stare at. I can see his lips gleaming in the light, his eyes so blue and deep. I feel like I can see inside him like nobody else can, see him in pain, and see his wonderful outlook on life. It's like...