Mind Break: An advertisment for a exercise product made real.

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I look on through the dull misty glow of the moon. Through the evergreen canopy, light dimly meets my face in greeting. Eyes confront me. They glow fiercely, reflecting the luniform. Grey and white fur moves smoothly as the wind gently blows. The canopy wavers. Clouds pass over the moon. The eyes disappear.

I turn and run, fleeing through the deep brush. Branches of low-growing vegetation hit my bare arms, stinging hotly. Warm steam rises out of my mouth as I exhale and inhale, taking in oxygen. Oh, how I love the air. I wish for a chance to savor it, to envelop myself in its hugging warmth. I look to the left. I see a grey blur move wistfully amongst the brush as the moon creeps out behind the clouds.

Lightning! Flash! Boom!

A storm is gathering. Light rain begins, then falls, evermore vitreous. I look to my right to see another Lupus gently moving along with ease.

In the cold night air, my throat begins to burn with an icy dryness. I look down to watch my footsteps moving so slowly.

"Must - Move - Faster."

I pant with anger. They move closer. I move faster. Sweat begins to mix with the rain and defeat the cold. My squinting eyes burn as sharp pricks of water hit them. I blink. Dark. It is a dream. I open my eyes again as a flash fills the darkened forest.

My side burns from brush hitting it as I push forward. My muscles pinch. I grab my side, massaging my fatigued Serratus anterior.

"Not now, not now."

I keep moving.

I run faster, new adrenalin filling my veins. A burst of speed propels me. I look forward. I see a shadowy raspberry bush through the dull moonlight. I panic.