Dreams: and the perceptions shaped through 4 texts

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English assessment 1:

The following texts all examine different perspectives of hope and the visualization of dreams. 'To life' and the "Tennessee Tornado" maintain a hopeful and inspirational vision with a basis in the characters ability to conquer adversity. The quote from "the tempest" is more of a question of whether or not dreams are attainable within reality and whether the real world is merely an illusion. The burial at Ornans contains many similar qualities to the previous but differs in its answers by confronting the issue of Death. The different perspectives of dreams shaped in the texts can be compared to F. Scott Fitzgerald's "the Great Gatsby" through their deconstruction of the meaning of dreams.

To life, the inspiring autobiographical memoir documenting the experiences of a young Jewish girl after the holocaust and affirms the necessity of Vision and dreams to humanity. The novel focuses on the uncertainty and enormous obstacles faced by the survivors of the Nazi regime.

Riva is 19 when she is released from Auschwitz, and steps forward into an alien world encouraged by the sense of purpose that her survival and freedom have given her, encompassed in her adopted dictum- "where there is life there is hope". At the beginning of the story Riva doesn't fully understand the purpose of her 'false hope' but understands that by giving in she would be awarding the Nazi's with the definitive success and triumph that they had sought- "living one more day was a victory, was revenge". Riva and her husband continually remain well aware of the responsibility that lies upon them to bear witness- "to remember our children, their agonizing screams, their last breaths... to remember our dead, their hopes and dreams...bound forever by the flames of the crematorium... to tell our children, to tell the...