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We decided to write our health-related study on Depression on the self-image of adolescent boys and girls. Our group chose this topic because depression is an upraising issue in society today. We believe that depression effects a person's mental, physical and social well being. The article we chose focuses on Physician and patient, Psychological aspects, depression disorders, and car and treatment. After reading the article and doing some research our group strongly agrees with the validity of the study.

The article states that there were 107 studied. 73 percent were girls and 27 percent were boys. Of those included in the study, 71% were attending school, 7% had dropped out of school, 6% were working, and 16% were unemployed. Thirty-five percent had moved away from home, and 3% were in foster homes or homes for young people.

Psychiatrists assessed the boys and girl with a questionnaire that assess cognitive, behavioral, affective, and somatic components of depression.

According to the psychiatrists "the Questionnaire contained 130 questions. Each question had 6 alternative responses. The 130 questions formed 12 scales: Impulse Control, Emotional Tone, Body Image, Social Relationships, Morals, Sexual Attitude, Family Relationships, Mastery, Vocational and Educational Goals, Emotional Health, Superior Adjustment, and Idealism." And with high scores in individual scales and a high total score indicate a negative self-image.

As a result of these questionnaires the adolescents diagnosed with major depressive disorder had attempted suicide. They also more frequently reported impaired school performance before examination and more often consumed alcohol weekly with the intention of getting drunk. Furthermore, the adolescents with depression more often reported difficulties in the relationship with both their parents.

In conclusion, the group strongly agrees with the article. The psychiatrists had proven their devotion to the study. They used a wide range of boys and girls to do the study so it is much more accurate. And with their questionnaire we then full agree with their article. This study was very accurate and was thought out ahead of time. We can tell that this study had taken a lot of time and effort. Within the article there are several quotes that stood out to us, let me take one for example. "According to earlier reports based on samples of healthy adolescents, a positive self-image assessed with the self-image Questionnaire was associated both in boys and girls. With a sense of well being and being proud of one's physical development." With this quote we call tell that they compared their study with another study so that makes it every reliable and accurate.