driving force; the road of adulthood

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The Driving Force: Road to Adulthood

I was excited rather than anything but nervous when about to drive for the first time, but that all changed as soon as I was about to get in the car. It was Sunday, the morning after I had just gotten my permit. Today was the day I was going to go driving for the first time. My parents and I had woken up extra early so there wouldn't be a lot of cars on the road. The sun had just woken up, the sky was a stunning light orange color and you could hear the birds singing. That day I woke up with exhilaration because I was eager to drive for the first time. The car I was going to drive was my mom's black colored Honda Accord. My Parents and I got in the car and my dad sat in the passenger seat while my mom sat in the back.

When I first sat in the car it felt a bit bizarre because I was not used to sitting in the driver's seat. In the car there were a lot of odd-looking buttons I had never used before. I felt like a pilot who had no idea what all the buttons in a plane meant, so my dad and I took a good fifteen minutes going through all the functions of the car and adjusting the seat and mirrors.

Finally after all that commotion I put the keys in the car and started the car, and all of a sudden a wave of fear hit me like a whirling tornado. I got tensed all of a sudden. I was just excited to go drive a few seconds ago but as soon as I turned the car on I got tremendously nervous.