Drug Abuse in Women

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Athletes abusing drugs today is as common as going to church on Sunday. All around us there are athletes taking legal and illegal supplements. The abuse of these supplements has caused a problem that the sports world cannot ignore. Take the Olympics for example; it seems that every summer there is a problem with someone taking a type of supplement to alter his/her performance. The sprinter, Ben Johnson, was banned for life from any running competitions and was stripped of many metals he earned because he tested positive for steroids in1993. Imagine how the drug problem has grown. Health is a major problem in taking the drugs. The misuse of these different drugs are said to be as ordinary as caffeine and as deadly as cocaine. This is just a little taste of what performance-enhancing drugs can do to an athlete.

Not much is known about the drug abuse among women athletes.

Most of this is because we think of men when we speak about the subject concerning athletes and drugs. Males and females differ in many ways when speaking on the subject. There have been many surveys concerning this. The overall findings were that females consistently use fewer drugs than males. They found that most women athletes who abuse drugs are or were professional bodybuilders. A specific study involved seventy-five women bodybuilders who competed in at least one competition in their career. Of the seventy-five, twenty-five admitted to past or current steroid use. Those who did not use steroids used other types of performance-enhancers such as ephedrine, and creatine (ephedrine is now illegal as well, and with good reason). Many of the users experienced different psychological experiences because of the steroids. To be exact, sixteen of twenty-five users admitted to feeling moody, irritable and aggressive. one of those women...