Dual Parentship is Necessary for a Stable Family -follow the MLA documentation

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Veronica sat in her room crying listening to her parents argue in the other room just like every other night. The screaming and name calling, made her cover her ears in fear and disgust. Veronica knew that her parents were going to divorce soon and that was going to change her life. Veronica is just one of the thousands of children whose life will be changed due to an unstable family. When parents get divorced it automatically forces the child to choose a side. Children start loosing respect for one of their parents and most say they feel like a different person with each parent. On the other hand, if parents stay together they are giving their children more security. Dual Parentship is necessary for a stable family and proper adolescent development.

Without dual Parentship children are affected emotionally. Divorce changes children, they have to search for a new foothold as they grasp for the loss of security they once had.

Parents cannot really prevent the pain children go through during divorce (Emery 63-4). When a family is going through a divorce, the parents' feelings have an impact on the children. The emotional consequences set can have a long-lasting and profound impact even as an adult (Zimmerman, Thayer 39). Children of divorce become worriers, they lose sleep, and they even suffer from chronic anxiety. Children of divorce can grow up believing that obsessive worry and anxiety are a way of life that provides protection from potential harm (Zimmerman, Thayer 27).

Children of divorce can suffer from a decrease or increase in eating, poor-self care, insomnia or hypersomnia which is no sleep or sleeping all the time, attention or concentration problems, hopelessness, guilt and worthlessness, and thoughts of ending one's life (Zimmerman, Thayer 34). People whose parents got divorced are more...