"Duddy Kravitz" By Mordecai Richler.

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The Art of a Friendship: Duddy Kravitz Style

"A man without land is nobody", and with these words Duddy sets out on his quest. The novel The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz by Mordecai Richler is about a young man who, after hearing those words, from his grandfather, goes throughout life with the ambition to own a lot of land by a lake in rural Quebec. Throughout the story Duddy meets two very special people that play a major role in his life and his pursuit for land. However the way Duddy treats his companions is not what you'd expect from someone who was given so much by his companions.

Duddy is extremely disrespectful to both Yvette, and Virgil. Yvette loves Duddy, and does a lot for him. However Duddy never returns this love, or show any gratitude for what she does for him. An example of this is when Yvette comes to work as a secretary for his film company.

Yvette takes down dictations, answers phone calls, and runs errands among many other duties. The only thing that Duddy does to repay her for her work is add to the amount of work she has to do. Yvette shows that she loves him by cooking and cleaning for Duddy, however Duddy reciprocates these acts by yelling at her, and by insulting her in front of others. In fact the only time Duddy shows any sort of affection to Yvette is when he wants to have sex with her. Virgil met Duddy in New York where Duddy made a deal with him for some pinball machines. When it comes time to pay Virgil Duddy only gives him part of what the deal was for, but offers him a job. However Virgil has epilepsy and is in danger because of all the...