"Dulce Et Decorum Est" by Wilfred owen - poetry commentary

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The Poem "Dulce Et Decorum Est" is an incredible poem written by Wilfred owen, projecting the terrible and utterly devastating way war affects people. It displays a Group of soldiers Marching through the night trying to get a camp where the weary and wounded can get some days rest, until they suddenly get attacked with gas grenades, were all but one manage to put on there gasmasks before dying a horrible death. The speakers use of incredible imagery and tone which is full of despair, lack of hope and sadness, reveals his message, it is not sweet and right to die for ones country.

The Poem begins with the speaker, being a tired soldier on the front during World War I. In the first stanza the soldiers and their conditions are described, and through his language shows that the soldiers criticize their own condition. The speaker then moves on to explain that even due to their weak human state "bent double, like old beggars" the soldiers march on, the soldiers seem to be fleeing due to there backs being turned on the "haunting flares" which seem to be rocket flares commonly used during the First World war to be able to see the enemy during the night, and continuously trudging on.

All of them are exhausted, some marching asleep many even with out there boots anymore. All these images showing in what desperate conditions soldiers have to go through, practically, lifeless marching towards their "distant rest" where some of them may get a few days rest. Through the entire first stanza negative words becomes used repeatedly creating a very dark and sad environment for the reader. The Author also uses a good sense of metaphors such as when, the Soldiers become "Drunk with fatigue" strongly emphasizing the exhaustion,