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Compare & ContrastduPont Registry & Exotic Car: There are many car magazines, some better than others; wouldn’t you like receiving the better one. A good example would be the two car magazines DuPont Registry and Exotic Car. The magazine matters, and you should be getting your moneys worth. It does matter how well the articles are written and who has written them. Wouldn’t you rather read an article written by Vorsprung durch Technik who is known for knowing cars than someone you have never heard of? Wouldn’t you rather look at pictures that give you the true color and image of the car than a side shot in black and white? These are two car magazines and both focus on exotic cars, but in the end Exotic Car is a much better magazine.

The first thing that matters is the quality of the magazine itself like the pictures.

The pictures in DuPont Registry are very small and are captured from very bad angles. The picture size on the majority of the pictures is about one inch by two inches. Its bad enough that the picture is small but the wide screen effect on the picture distorts the look of the car; kind of like putting a small picture on your computer background and stretching it out to fit the whole screen. Normally you would take the picture of a car from an angle so that it captures the front and one of the sides. In the DuPont registry there is only one side captured in each picture either the front, back, or one of the sides. This doesn’t let you see the real image of the car and most of the time makes the car look less appealing. The pictures are also put in a black background which makes them look very dull. They put them in the black background because it covers up the badly taken picture and they probably use some cheap camera instead of something like the canon ENG. If they put them say driving on the road you would notice the unclear picture of the car; it would also seem distorted and faded. Now on the other hand Exotic Car doesn’t have nearly as many flaws. The colors in this magazine are eye catching, like Ferrari red, and are very exotic colors. They go well with the cars and bring out the beauty in every Lamborghini. This magazine is almost double the length of DuPont Registry and has the most well organized table of contents that I have seen. It has the contents set up in four sections, articles, ultimate exotics, tuner cars, and vehicle reviews. The articles are written by owners of major car company’s like Ferrari and Austin Martin, even the editor of the magazine. Its has reviews on almost every car featured in the magazine from Bentleys to the new Ford GT. It has reviews on well known driving schools including Jim Russell Racing Drivers School and Panoz Racing School. The pictures are extravagant and jaw dropping; the picture size varies from a quarter page to half a page. They are taken while the cars are driving through a forest road with trees the size of skyscrapers and the cars are usually moving at high speeds. The pictures are so clear that you can see every shadow and every spot shining. The angles in all the pictures are either taken so you see the front and one side or the back and top of the car.

The brands of the cars, and the info on them is the most important thing in a car magazine. This is the worst part of the DuPont registry. Some of the cars in this magazine are exotic but most of them are middle class. 90% of the cars featured in this magazine are Mercedes and BMW. These are two great brands but they are not exotic cares they are just classy cars. On top of that there is not one vehicle review and half of the cars don’t have the name written next to the picture nor the year. All the DuPont registry is, is a large collection of car pictures. There is no info on any thing, no info who makes it, no price range, no stats, nothing. If you looked at DuPont registry and then looked at Exotic Car you will notice that it is the total opposite. Exotic Car is 80% pictures with specs and vehicle reviews. The other twenty percent is filled up with adds. All the cars in this magazine are the rarest and hardest to get your hands on like the Ferrari Enzo. Next to every picture in the magazine is a box telling you (make, model, year), all the details on the cars engine, how fast it hits 0-60, and the price range. The vehicle reviews tell you everything else about the car like what it comes wit stock, what you can customize it with, what colors it comes in, what type of stereo system is in it, etc. This magazine also has pictures, info, and release dates of the newest exotic cars like the Audi R8. It has all the info on all the new coming attractions. It also has info on some of the fastest, most exotic, hard to get cars like the Bugatti Veyron 16.4. This car starts at 1.2 million and is completely hand built, one of the hardest cars to get your hands on. Exotic Car has info on many other cars like the Bugatti.

The last two things about a magazine you should look at is the adds, what age range they are aimed for, type of paper used, etc. to see if the magazine is truly made for you. The type of paper used on both magazines has equal status, they are the same type of paper, but the colors used in the DuPont Registry are very dull, like maroon, and make the cars look dull. The DuPont Registry also is pretty short compared to Exotic Car, it also has no table of contents. The DuPont registry is about 100% pictures and adds, there are no articles in the whole magazine, this is most likely why they don’t have a table of contents. The DuPont registry doesn’t really have a specific aim or age range. The cars go from family cars to sports cars to classy cars. Same with the advertisements, on one page you will see an add for a barbecue on the next you will see an add for women’s clothing. On top of the wide variety of adds the quality of the items on the adds is very low. While looking at exotic car you will notice write away that it is aimed for males from the ages 16 to about 28. This is because the advertisements are for new cars coming out mainly sports cars. They also have adds on nice watches from fossil to Rolex.

Like you already new there are many car magazines and as you now know some much better than other. I know you would rather have the better of the two magazines every person would. Next time your are thinking to subscribe to a magazine you know to look for quality of pictures, how good the info on the topic is, and the adds and what type of people its aimed for. Before you go rush to subscribe to a magazine buy a copy of a couple different magazines that have to do with the same topic. Go through them and check on the things a good magazine should have, then make your final decision and get your subscription.